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Flower Photography | Canon SX50 HS and Canon EOS70D

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Flower shot using Canon EOS70D

Flower Photography – shot using Canon EOS70D

After I upgraded from Canon Powershot A710 IS to Canon Powershot SX50HS, I thought of exploring the features of the camera by means of going out and practically trying to shoot every new subject that I came across. To test the colors and contrast of the captured photos I decided to try out some flower photography. Capturing flowers in truest of it’s colors would actually give an idea about how the camera was performing. At least that’s what I felt.

So there it was, I’d just about got a few new plants and one of them was a pot of newly blossomed flowers. SX50 although is known for it’s 50X optical zoom and mostly used for bird photography, I was quite excited about how it would perform in natural evening light. The subject that I was about to shoot was had a nice back-lit effect as the sun was about to set right behind the tree that was behind the flower. The distance of the bright looking tree was just about perfect to get a blurred background. The results I got were good according to me. The sun remained mostly hidden behind the clouds causing low light and that encouraged me to push the ISO a bit higher. I used ISO 800 also for some of the shots and Canon SX50HS did decently well with noise levels being not so high.

Later when I got my Canon EOS70D with 18-55mm lens, there was this another trial of flower photography which went well. It’s amazing when you achieve, how you would want to capture the colors and lights in your camera. Especially with flowers, photography becomes sheer fun.

Here are some Flower photography, Sample Photos of Canon SX50HS and Sample photos of Canon EOS70D DSLR camera for your reference. Please do comment with your views.

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