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20 Plus Dragonfly Photos | Nature Photography

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Back in 2011 I had shared a blog post with dragonfly photos. The photos were shot using my first camera Canon PowerShot A710 IS. Later I started using a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. And currently I’ve also added a Canon EOS70D DSLR Camera. So this range of photos of dragonfly includes shots SX50 and EOS70D.

Once I got a hang of the basics of photography I started to go out more often to capture birds, bugs and bees and that slowly gripped me so much that it’s perhaps first thing on the list of my hobbies apart from gardening and cooking. Well, by saying I go out with my camera more often I mean every weekend.

Few years back I had discovered this new place in our neighboring colony. This place is lush green with tall grass, huge trees and wild plants. This huge area has small trails to walk inside and provides every opportunity to get closer to creatures like chameleons, grasshoppers, dragonflies and spiders. It also houses some nice birds like Bulbuls, Sunbirds, Ashy Prinias and Scaly Breasted Munias and more. I’ve therefore labelled this place as a city-jungle. I hope it remains this way forever.

Dragonfly Photos Shot at Deonar, Mumbai

Dragonfly Photos Shot at Deonar, Mumbai

Well lets talk about the main subject of this post. The Dragonfly. During my childhood, my friends and I would call these creatures “helicopters” that was because the flying style of the helicopters very much match with that of the dragonfly. Its very easy to find dragonflies in ther natural habitat which mostly include wetlands.

The photo gallery below also includes damselflies which are usually lighter in weight with a weaker flight and much more delicate that dragonflies. While dragonflies always have their wings parallel to the ground i.e. away from eachother, the damselflies usually hold their wings folded together when resting.

Do check out the dragonfly photos and share your views in the comments section.

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