Are Coloring Activities for Kids Beneficial? How to Get Kids Involved?

Why do we recommend coloring activities for kids?

Keeping kids engaged during their free time can be tough sometimes. You don’t want them to get into watching a lot of television or playing video games and other such activities that involve screens. In short, you would want to keep them busy without giving them a lot of screen time. One really useful activity that we would like to suggest is coloring.

How do you get kids involved in coloring activities?

There are a lot of good outlined designs of fruits, vegetables, animals, superheroes, vehicles, scenes with people, etc are available online to download, print, and give to your kids for coloring.
These printables can be downloaded and printed on your home printer on A4 size paper easily. Above all, there are a lot of benefits your child can derive from coloring activities. We have discussed the benefits of coloring further in this article.

Are you a good sketch artist?

If you are a skilled sketch artist or a mid-level sketch artist who can draw well, then you could also try drawing objects, vegetables, animals, cartoons, etc on A4 size papers and give your kids a daily target to focus, concentrate and complete coloring of at least 2 items in a given timeframe.
This will definitely ensure a cutoff from screen time, thus not only protecting the eyesight of your kids but also give them an opportunity to relax their minds and sharpen their hand-eye coordination.

What if you can’t draw very well?

If you think you can’t draw very well, you should be looking for some ready-to-print basic drawings like tomatoes, pumpkins, simple car, corn, elephant, pig, etc, you can download. And the good news for you is that we already have created a nine-in-one PDF file that we have listed here on Etsy.
You can, purchase this PDF file at a very reasonable cost and print out the whole PDF using your home printer on A4 size pages. Our Etsy listing allows you to instantly download the PDF file as soon as you pay. No hidden costs, no further purchases. Download the printable artworks and get your kids going with the coloring activity.

9 in 1 Kids Coloring Book!

Download the PDF coloring book for kids. This book includes 9 simple drawings with bigger portions for easy coloring. Let your kids learn with fun.

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If you have used printable coloring pages for your kids then you may know that there’s more than just one benefit of coloring, for kids. Let’s understand these through the list mentioned below.

  1. Coloring activities help in the development of hand strength. As you know kids have just begun using their hand muscles and coloring is one of the ways which help the development of hand muscles.
  2. It also helps stimulate creativity in kids as they learn about shapes and about processing the colors very quickly.
  3. Coloring also allows self-expression as they learn more about color selection, also express themselves and emotions through colors at a time when their vocabulary is very limited.
  4. One of the major benefits is that coloring is also considered an effective focus-building activity. While they are on it, they’ll focus immensely and with practice they’ll learn to concentrate more.

Finally coming back to the main purpose of this activity, which is to share some simple line drawings. These free printables can be downloaded, printed, and given to the kids for coloring. Let them use their imagination and let them express themselves. Get these printable activities from the links mentioned with the graphics. These graphics are available on Creative Fabrica and include, unicorns with rainbows, farms, vegetables,  cars, school buses, fairy, birds, fruit baskets, soccer, flowers, and shoes.

Download Coloring Pages for Kids

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