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7 Hilarious Memes, Jokes, Cartoons for Social Media, Whatsapp


These are quite a hit lately. And, for me, it’s been a few days since I have been trying my hand at sketching. Basically, used to be a little better than some other kids, at drawing. So brushing up both, sketching as well as illustration skills. Have created this un-named character and used it to re-tell some already existing jokes. If you like you can go ahead and download, share, forward to your friends without removing the watermark.

Download funny memes from below:


Memes - Joke - Balanced - Diet - Beer

Balanced – Diet – Beer

Found this one to be funny for those who like their beer a lot but are also concerned about a bit of a dieting. Forward this meme/joke/cartoon to your friends who are “truly” concerned about the Balanced Diet!!


Memes - Joke - Go to Sleep

Go to Sleep

Well, they say, at the end of the day, if nothing goes right, Go to sleep. I seriously don’t know who are “they” but yeah, this stands so true for me. When I feel things are out of control, I just feel like going to sleep. Forward this meme/joke/cartoon to your friends who you think may be feeling that sort of heat.


Memes - Joke - Dessert


Who doesn’t like dessert. Especially me and my family, are always open to the idea of galloping a dessert no matter how much we have stuffed ourselves with the main courses. Well, share this joke/meme/cartoon with your friends if you can relate to this situation.


Memes - Joke - Claustrophobic - Astronaut

Claustrophobic – Astronaut

I always thought this one was puntastic. Although I was initially thinking of displaying this with an astronaut but felt better that I used my newly sketched characters and give it a go as a conversation. The claustrophobic astronaut needing some space isn’t really a new joke but this is like a re-presentation of it. Enjoy and share.


Memes - Joke - Kleptomaniac - Pun

Kleptomaniac – Pun

I’m sure you’ve heard of this pun about kleptomaniac taking things literally.


Memes - Joke - Gym


We’ll it’s been 3 days in a row for me without my regular walk. So yeah, after posting this one I’ll sure be OFF to a rigorous walk routine.


Memes - Joke - Hindi - Sunday


This, HINGLISH writing is an original one. Not promoting drinking but felt this sounded funny. Share this with your friends with whom you usually share a drink.

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