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Flappy Bird Game? Here are 5 Cool Alternatives

What are Flappy Bird Game Alternatives?

What are Flappy Bird Game Alternatives?

Flappy Bird was and has been an addictive game from the time it was launched. A game developed by a very young coder Dong Nguyen. The game was a huge success immediately and it earned nearly $50,000 a day from ads and sales. But to the user’s dismay, the game was withdrawn from the play store by the author. The reason known publicly is that the author felt guilty about having created something that is so addictive to many who were overusing it.The Flappy Bird game was one of its kind as there were no other games anywhere that were so simple yet difficult to play. Simple in the sense that one only had to use a thumb tap to keep continuing the game and difficult due to the obstacles that made it really challenging for anyone to play. That’s what made people addicted to the game as they would want to better their score each time.Now, after so many years, there’s no dearth of similar games that were either cloned from the original or created with a similar concepts. Some are really good and some are down-right shabby.Here in this article, we’ve shared with you, 7 games that are built with the same concept as the original flappy bird game. Try them out and let us know what you think of them?

5 Games that are Similar to Flappy Bird Game Concept:

flappy family on pixellicious games

The Flappy Family Game

This game has a family of birds and not just one bird. Each bird can be unlocked after you reach a requisite level. You can also play a multiplayer mode with your family and friends with a total of 7 bird characters. All you need to do is fly as far as you can, just the way you did in the original Flappy Bird game.

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Flap Shoot Birdie

Flap Flap Birdie also has multiple bird characters. Besides that, apart from being a non stop never ending game with great challenges, this game has two modes of obstacles. Brick pillars as well as dangerously large zombie birds flying in from the opposite direction. But the good part is that the hero birdies can shoot after gathering some coins. Sounds intreresting? Try now.

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adventure flappy game

Bird Quest, Flappy Adventure

Bird Quest, Adventure Flappy is another game based on the flappy bird concept. We think that the classic version of this game is very similar to the original flapp bird and as much difficult too. It’s arcade version consists of various levels and gets you some time to relax after each level. Try it now.

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Crazy Bird

The crazy bird game isn’t exactly similar to the original flappy bird game but it’s very interesting. In this game, once you tap the bird starts moving upwards. You need to immediately tap again to ensure it comes down again before crashing into the surface on top. Same thing for the surface at the bottom. All in all, stay in the center by constant tapping and make sure you collect the collectibles to score.

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eg flappy bounce

 Eg Flappy Bounce

EG flappy bounce or a ball needs you to be guide the ball through the obstacle pillars by means of constant tapping. It’s conceptually the same as your flappy bird game but a tad bit easier to play and reach levels. If you’re frustrated by the difficulty of flappy bird then try this one to release your anger a bit.

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That’s all folks, there are a lot many similar games but we shortlisted the above-mentioned for you, to save your time. Enjoy these games and let us know what you think. The comments section is all yours.

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