How to Build Games Website on Your Own, A Quick Tutorial


It’s simple to get your own games website but not exactly easy. There’s some cost involved but read on and follow the steps, we’ll give you some tips to saving some precious time.

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Assuming you don’t already have a domain name and hosting?

We’ll start with the steps for people who don’t own a domain name or hosting service. The first thing you do is to start thinking about a domain name. Isn’t that a no-brainer? Well yes but, choosing the right kind of a domain name is important. Make sure to include the words like games, play, online, etc in your domain name. You could resort to some word play as the domain names with direct usage of the word “games” may not be very cheap. You’ll have to stick to something that is available. Or, if you can spend a large amount of money, you can get the name you want. But, find some name that speaks about your niche i.e online games.

For instance, check the screenshot below from a website hosting and domain service provider called Hositinger. You’ll notice that most of the times the “.com” domain will always be taken and you’ll be suggested some other address/extension like “.online” or “.net” or something else. In our opinion a domain name like would do great from SEO point of view. Or you could go for a domain name like if the pricing suits you.


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Now, if you are looking for a domain name as well as a hosting service, then you’re in luck. Like many hosting service providers, Hostinger also provides FREE domain name for first year if you buy a hosting service from them. For your purpose, a shared hosting is what you need. See the screenshot below. Hostinger’s most popular plan is quite cheap and it will give you you a domain name for free for the first  year. And hosting service for less than $3 a month. Do make a note here that, once your registered hosting period is about to expire, the renewal will be at it’s original price of $10.99 per month. The hosting price of $2.59 is applicable on 3 years of domain name purchase. There are free hosting services available but these free services will place their own ADs on your website and this is something you may not want. As your aim too is to build a website and monetize it with your own Adsense codes or some other advertising service.

Tip: If you want to register with a hosting service provider that allows you to renew at the same price, then you should checkout DreamHost.

You don’t necessarily need to go with our recommendation. We have recently written about top 10 hosting service providers of 2021. You can read this article to make a more informed choice and pick the hosting service that you like.

Okay, I have got the domain name and hosting service in place, now what should I do to build my games website? Where do I find the games?

Now that you’e got your domain name and hosting service in place, you need to get an account with a games provider. We recommend GameMonetize, has made an arcade script available which will run it’s install on the root of your domain server and then provide you with a backend interface and a fully functional games arcade website. A working example of this kind of a games arcade can be seen here.

You can either do the installation of the main root of your domain server or create a subdomain and install the script at the root of your subdomain. Either way, make sure that  your SSL certificate is enabled and installed and that your HTTPS url is functioning correctly. Although, SSL has nothing to do with the arcade script installation that we will be executing, HTTPS will help you with monetization through adsense. Get Your Games Monetize Account

Final Steps to Build Your Own Games Website

  1. Signup with GamesMonetize as a publisher,

  2. Login to your account.

  3. On the left hand side of your dashboard, you wills see a menu item called Free Arcade CMS V2. Go to this section.

  4. Click the Download Now Button and Download the script.

  5. Upload the content of the zip file that you just downloaded to the root of your server.

  6. IMP: Ensure that your server’s PHP version is 5.6 or lower. If it is a higher version the script might not work.

  7. During installation, do remember the ID and Password that you set. Your backend login URL will be


Here’s a list of features that you get in the dashboard of your arcade games manager. Configure these correctly and you’ll have your own games website up and running. Just follow these steps. Make sure you see the gallery below to get acquainted with dashboard features of the games arcade manager.

  1. Login
  2. Publish All Games
  3. Manage Categories
  4. If you want to install any other game use the ADD GAME feature
  5. Adsense code manager ensures you can put your own code to display ads in the designated spaces.
  6. Do not forget to update the ads.txt settings that you will find from the TOP-RIGHT menu settings option.
  7. Last but not the least, you must browse through the games pages and unpublish the games that you may not want to be seen on your site if you want to make your games more kids-friendly.

You can also register with other sites like GameDistribution and get a publisher account approved with your domain name.  You can then add some really cool games that they have, to your website. The game quality on GamesDistribution is top-notch with great graphics and much lesser intrusive ADs from a user’s point of view.

Finally, a summary of all the points that we mentioned above.

Here’s what you need to do to build your own gaming website:

  1. Get a Domain and Hosting Service
  2. Register with GamesMonetize
  3. Download the Games Arcade Plugin 2.0 from GamesMonetize Dashboard.
  4. Copy the arcade script zip file to the root of your server and extract it.
  5. Run and complete the script installation.
  6. Login to your games dashboard as mentioned above.
  7. Publish all games.
  8. Review all games and remove the unwanted games.
  9. Add your Adsense codes in the ADs settings on dashboard.
  10. Configure the ADs.txt from the top right settings menu.
  11. Add more games from other sites like GamesDistribution if you want to.
  12. Your games website is ready.

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