Blogger Showing Only One Post on Home Page

Are you one of those bloggers feeling troubled by the auto pagination happening on blogger? Which means the issue of blogger showing only one post on home page! 

You happily set the No. of posts that blogger should show on your home page to X number thinking that blogger will display X number of posts on home page. However, you noticed that instead of X No. of posts, blogger is showing either 1 or 2 posts or some other lesser number Y.

You must be wondering why this has happened and Googled to find a solution and reached here.

You may not be aware that even if you set the no. of posts to be shown as X, blogger may want to show only 2-3 posts or may be even 1 post due to the fact that your posts are long and may require usage of a lot more resources of Google Servers than what a single blog should be doing. Well you can read more information here.

Let me quickly get to the solution to this that I could find out. This is not quick but not difficult too. When you are writing a post in the blogger post composer you will see an option called “Insert Jump Break“. Refer to the graphic below:

Solution to the issue of blogger showing only one post
Solution to the issue of blogger showing only one post

You can use this option and give a jump break somewhere in the middle of the post. This is actually meant to ensure that not all the content of the post will be shown on the home page. This is in case if you want to display small snippets of 7-8 or more posts on home page with each snippet showing a bit of content and ending with “Read More“. Similar to what is seen on my home page. 7 posts are shown but not the complete content is seen. Even if your blogger template is programmed to automatically display snippets, you must insert the jump break to make sure that the number of posts that you have entered in the settings and the actual number posts shown on the home page, tally.

I can’t technically explain how this works with the blogger logic of auto-pagination but yes, this did work for me. When I completed adding jump breaks on first 20-30 posts, the problem was solved. Now I’ve set the number to 7 and you’ll see that there are 7 posts showing on the home page.

So try this solution and leave a comment if this works.

This post is a bit off topic from my usual content of photography but I’m so glad that I could solve this problem and want to help others who are facing similar sort of trouble of blogger showing only one post on home page. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Najadh, I’d used this solution long back and had worked. Haven’t had the need to troubleshoot it ever again so a bit unsure here…

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