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How to play the good old tank wars game?

A couple of decades back, did you hear about or play a game called Battle Tank on one of those TV game boxes which used to have 999999 in 1 games? Oh yes. The name itself makes me lost in the nostalgia of the world of Super Mario, Contra, Duck Hunt, F1 race, Tetris and many other games that came packed and were repeated endless times in a single console. Despite the repetition didn’t we love playing those games and bragged about just possessing the box and that small cassette? I Bet!!

Apart from Super Mario, my favorite and most played game used to be Battle Tank. It involved shooting, blasts, strategy, action, super-enemies. Almost everything you need in an entertaining game. Even though it was 2d-ish, I loved playing this battle of tanks.

120 Levels + Design Your Own Levels.
120 Levels + Design Your Own Levels.

These days you get all kinds of games on Google Play and iOS Play Store. Game development and mobile phone technology has become so advanced that you get almost a real life experience with 3D characters and 3D environment even on your phone. It’s become so much fun.

As for me, even after getting an advanced phone, I tried searching for some of those old games again, just to see if I could play them on mobile once again. I couldn’t find a good version of Super Mario. But I found Contra, alternate versions of Duck Hunt and Tetris. However the best one that I would consider today from those nostalgic games, is Battle of Tanks – The Tank Wars Game!!! It has some great graphics, great sound effects, great enemies, a whole lot of levels and perfectly placed buttons to give you a great playing experience. 

Battle of Tanks - Tank Wars
Battle of Tanks – Tank Wars

What I also like about it is that fact that same as the Battle Tank game, you can create your own levels. Not only that, there are 3 difficulty levels so just don’t brag immediately after clearing all levels in the easy mode. Try the other two and see. So for the engaging value and for the sake of nostalgia, I thought of bringing this game back to the people. Although there are some similar alternatives available on the Google Play market, I’ve made some modifications in my version to make it more user-friendly.

There are two versions of this game that you’ll be able to find.

AD supported version has non-intrusive ADs. You won’t accidentally click something for sure. However, to access your level first time in every new session you will go through an AD.

The premium version, of Battle of Tanks, as the name suggests has ZERO adverts. Purely only the game interface and no other nonsense.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

You can record your gameplay and share with us on our facebook page. You can also share screenshots of your high scores just to brag about it.

Download Battle of Tanks on Google Play
Download Battle of Tanks on Google Play

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