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Have you been wondering what kind of a font you should pick when you need to include a cursive or calligraphy font in your design? And, especially if you’re looking for a free font that allows commercial usage, then the options are seriously limited. I’ve been looking for fonts for past few days and have come across some really beautiful options that I’d like to share here. All of these fonts are available on the same site and they come with their commercial license. Which means commercial usage of the FREE font is allowed. 

Having said that, by no means are these fonts ordinary. You’re going to love these fonts and will definitely have a tough time picking just one. Take a look at the collection of 15 free cursive / calligraphy fonts below.

Cloudy Nght, Abuget, Beattingvile, Daisy Script, Dakwart Letter and Gulya Script are some of the fonts that can easily qualify as hand written fonts too. Download these free fonts and enhance your designs and typography.