How to Fix the Firmware Update Program Error on EOS 70D

Did you face the firmware update program issue with your Canon 70D? Here’s a Working Solution for Canon Camera’s Firmware Update Program Error.

Firmware Update Program Error
Firmware Update Program Error

Recent Update: 26/02/2019

Regarding Canon EOS 750D Firmware Update Program Error

One of my visitors from Srilanka, Lahiru Harsha faced this issue with Canon 750D and we have faced a lot of trouble finding the right firmware. Finally found this page. However, when you download the same, the zip file is named “” seemingly for 700D and it didn’t work for Lahiru Harsha as the camera didn’t detect the update file which he had copied to his formatted memory card. If anyone knows how to solve the issue for 750D then, please mention it in the comment.

Regarding Canon EOS 70D Firmware Update Program Error

Have you seen the above Firmware Update Program error message on your Canon EOS 70D? Well, you’ve reached the right page for the solution to this problem. Well, sort of, as it worked for me. Otherwise, I’ve made endless searches for a solution to this problem with my Canon EOS 70D but, to no respite.

Here’s my story:

One fine day, when I switched my camera ON, I got a screen which mentioned:

Firmware Update Program

Update file error. Please check the memory card and reload the batter and try again.

Now, I wondered what triggered this as I had never ever tried to initiate any firmware update. The camera somehow thought that an upgrade was available. I’m not sure if it was looking for the update file on the memory card or somewhere else.

All the buttons on my DSLR were non-responsive.

Error screen was not the only problem though, it was even worse. None of the buttons on the camera were functional. The screen would just stay ON and I wasn’t able to dismiss it by any means. Even worse, the screen would stay ON with the same error message, even after I moved the power button to OFF. Wow, that was mind-boggling.

The Firmware Update Program error occurred 4 times on my camera.

The first time this happened, I traveled about 18kms from home to a Canon Authorized Service Center. They asked me about the warranty and other details and took the Camera to the technician and brought it back in about 20 minutes, all fixed and working fine. When I asked them about what they did to fix it, they didn’t give me a clear answer at all.

The camera worked fine for a few days and the problem occurred again. I had no choice but to follow the above procedure for the second time. Once again, they didn’t give me a clear answer about why the firmware update program error occurred? Once again, the problem was fixed in about 10-15 minutes.

The third time, when this happened, I followed the same procedure as above but this time asked them firmly about why the issue occurred repeatedly. And the answer was simple, there was a file missing. We copied it and it works now. I asked them to reconfirm and give me assurance that the issue won’t occur again. To which they confidently said, “It won’t”.

But, I wasn’t surprised when the issue occurred for the 4th time. I was outstation on a holiday and at the very moment when I needed my camera the most, the error showed up again. I wonder why Canon customer service wouldn’t tell me why the issue kept on repeating. I had to pack my camera back into the bag and couldn’t use it for the rest of the trip. Pity, that I had an opportunity and the camera wouldn’t work. This was frustrating. I decided to give something a try and it worked.

Here’s a step-by-step solution of how to fix the Firmware Update Program – update file not found, an issue on Canon EOS 70D:


  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Connect the memory card to your PC using a card reader.
  3. Copy/backup your photos from the memory card.
  4. Format the memory card on your PC with default settings (exFAT).
  5. Download the firmware update file from Canon Website.
  6. Unzip the file contents.
  7. You will see a file named “70D00112.FIR”. This is the firmware update file that will update your firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2.
  8. Copy this file to your empty memory card.
  9. Insert the memory card to your Canon EOS 70D’s card slot.
  10. Insert the battery again. You will now notice that the camera has found the update file and it will start the setup.
  11. Let the setup complete.
  12. Once complete switch the camera ON.
  13. You will see the sensor cleaning message and YAY! You got your camera working again!!

Well, the above steps worked for me. I hope the issue doesn’t occur again. I think I’ll let the FILE be copied on the cards I use, forever and will update the same as and how the newer updates are available.

If the above steps work for you, please do mention in the comment and let me know and let other fellow photographers also know it by sharing this article.

P.S. I will keep posting here to let you know how long did the camera work fine after the above steps. But, at least, it got the camera back to work. And, this procedure is also helpful if you’re looking for “How to update firmware for Canon EOS 70D?” The steps remain the same.

Important Update on 12/11/2016:
I did face the firmware update program error again. I was shooting a video using the Canon EOS 70D. In between, we took a long pause and I forgot to switch off the camera. Lying IDLE for some time may be triggered, the Firmware Update Program error again. However, this time around the software update file was already present on the memory card and thus the camera just re-installed the software and got back running. Phew… not sure what triggers the error but luckily I’ve got the solution and that would ensure my camera to not go useless again!! However, Canon really needs to do something about this.

Conclusion: So if you have the UPDATE file already copied, you’ll be fine and the camera will just update the firmware whenever the firmware update program error is automatically triggered. It’s simply like giving the camera what it’s looking for.


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